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From 16th to 21st January 2017 Munich will host the exhibition "BAU 2017" - significant event for specialists of architecture and building materials industry.

Address of the exhibition: Paul-Henri-Spaak-Str. 12, 81829, Munich, GERMANY.

Organizer: Messe München GmbH.

The support for the exhibition is provided by: Manufacturers Association of Germany of woodworking equipment in the Union of German machine builders VDMA.

Glulam Annabelle house

Timing of the exhibition:

16 January – from 9.30 to 18.00;

17 January – from 9.30 to 18.00;

18 January – from 9.30 to 18.00;

19 January – from 9.30 to 18.00;

20 January – from 9.30 to 18.00;

21 January – from 9.30 to 17.00.

Subjects of the exhibition "BAU 2017":

- Joinery and carpentry craft - machines, tools and accessories;

- Woodworking and furniture production - technology, equipment, tools;

- Paints and coatings, adhesives, fillers, chemicals for wood protection;

- Sawmill equipment, drying equipment;

- Harvesting - machinery and equipment;

- Automation of technological processes;

- WOODEN CONSTRUCTION - baths, laminated veneer lumber, home, logs of timber pergola, shaped beam, timber frame houses, logs, glued wooden structures (truss systems, beams, columns, wall panels), interior components (floors, doors and windows blocks, stairs), terraces, decks, siding;

- Scientific research, literature, education;

- Environmental protection, recycling and recovery of waste;

- Production of woodworking: Timber, furniture components; parquet; totes; plywood, veneer; joinery boards, plastic wood; plate chipboard, wood fiber, MDF;

- Pulp and paper industry;

- Occupational safety and fire safety clothes;

- Control and measuring devices and tools;

- Vehicles, packaging, warehousing and logistics.

Glulam house "Olavi"

Exhibition of equipment and technologies of timber, woodworking and furniture industry "BAU 2017" - a review of the process equipment, special machines, that is all that determines the development of the Belarusian timber industry.

International specialized salon "Bioenergy" will be held in the framework of this exhibition. It will feature technology and special equipment to ensure production of biofuel combustion - briquettes, pellets, biogas, bioethanol, biodiesel, peat. Also as a part of the interior it will be available to see the technology, working on the development and promotion of renewable energy sources, the creation of biomass.

Particular attention will be paid to environmental issues and in particular the disposal of waste wood. The global trend is that today these wastes are processed in a special type of fuel that is burned for the purpose of heating homes. The efficiency of this process with the latest innovations is still quite high. How this is achieved, it will be found by visiting the salon "Bioenergy" of Specialized Exhibition "BAU 2017".

It is worth mentioning that the exhibition "BAU 2017" it is also a platform for the promotion of relevant products from leading manufacturers. This varied woodworking equipment to carry out all processes from A to Z, starting with the sawing and finishing lines of production of furniture.

The business program of the exhibition "BAU 2017" includes various seminars and conferences for industry professionals. This will allow in-depth insight into the essence of the theme, to understand woodworking idea and in which direction to go.

The exhibition "BAU 2017" will present products and technologies of well-known brands. This will create the conditions for close interaction of stakeholders. This form has a positive trend, when the year-on-year in the exhibition come more and more professionals, and this is provided by the annual growth of its participants and visitors. By the way, the exhibition "BAU 2015" had been attended by more than 7,000 specialized professionals from around the world. Businesses industries appreciate the level of the event and always visit it with the desire.

The exhibition "BAU 2017" - is an opportunity to demonstrate the development of the industry trends; is a platform for networking a wide variety of professionals interested in achieving concrete results. There is no doubt that this exhibition contributes to the technological and production levels of industrial enterprises engaged in the field of woodworking. The companies participate in this exhibition and improve their professional credibility.

Organizers of the International specialized exhibition "BAU 2017" will welcome guests and participants from 16 to 21 January 2017.

Tel. / Fax: +49 89 949-11308

Fax: +49 89 949-11309


Glulam high-tech house "Montana"


There are plenty of good reasons why planners and architects should attend "BAU 2017". Here are the five most important:

Practice-oriented, innovative solutions for future-oriented architecture
BAU lets architects and planners see the latest building materials and technologies, experience how they work, and find out how to put them to use in future projects. That includes new materials and material combinations with new properties as well as new technologies to meet a wide range of challenges.

Nearly all leading manufacturers and plenty of innovative newcomers

BAU allows you to meet nearly all market leaders and plenty of small and medium-sized companies, so you can compare their products directly and find the right solution for your project. It is important to see and touch new products yourself. Photos and technical specifications are nothing compared to experiencing things live.

Products for applications in multiple trades
When planning and during construction, various building trades must work together closely and coordinate with one another. BAU allows you to see all products for comprehensive planning that takes all building trades into account. The fair focuses on using products. From software support and the entire building process to materials for structural and finishing work and solutions for sustainable renovation.

First-rate supporting program with a focus on actual practice
Planning and building is becoming increasingly complex and demanding. Globalization, digitalization, demographic change, urbanization, resource shortages, the energy transition, energy and resource efficiency—those are just some of the challenges facing the construction industry. So what does the future of building look like? How do architects and planners approach problems? What innovative products, systems and manufacturing techniques are available? Experts from around the world answer these questions at BAU. They report on their work and their projects and are available to answer questions from the audience.

Developing individual solutions directly with manufacturers
Do you have a problem for which the market does not appear to have a solution? BAU gives you a chance to discuss problems with manufacturers directly. You wouldn't be the first to offer a BAU exhibitor an individual solution for realizing a project.

16-21 January 2017 is a continuation of the exhibition, seminars and conferences.

Glulam cottage "Rovaniemi"

Additionally, BAU's numbers are pretty impressive. This is the fair's performance record in 2015:

- 183,000 square meters of exhibition space

- More than 2,000 exhibitors from 42 countries

- More than 250,000 visitors from 156 countries

- 1,282 journalists

- 335 lectures in the supporting program

- 32 sector-specific tours

These numbers document just how well BAU has proven itself in the construction industry as the World's Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials and Systems after all these years.

Woodworking is an important part of the building complex. The deeper it is, the lower the production costs, the cheaper wood dispensation, and this is one of the most important aspects that affect the real estate market of any country. Today, there are technologies that achieve exceptionally low costs in the production of wall materials such as logs, profiled bar, and glulam. In particular, they are used by specialists of "Archiline" company in their practice.

The company is working more than 10 years on the Belarusian market and has managed to not only get to it, but also occupy a dominant position. The fact that here since the early days saw further development in the framework of full compliance with modern requirements. So here constantly improve the technological base, updated and modernized the woodworking shop, buying the best examples of machines from leading manufacturers. However, that does not help, if the technological requirements at all stages of the production process will not be respected. So here we are paying particular attention to the raw material, its preparation, production of building materials, their storage, handling, etc. The company "Archiline" has managed to enter foreign markets, becoming an attractive partner for European customers. Fortunately this has contributed to obtain "certificate of the European production of ETA 14/0367. Thus, the houses of "Archiline" are built not only in Western Europe but also in Africa, the Middle East, Russia, CIS countries and many more.

Glulam house "Kalneliai"

"Archiline" Company provides a wide range of services, among which are three main:

- The production of high-quality building materials: logs, laminated veneer lumber and corrugated board;

- Designing of wooden houses;

- Construction of wooden houses.

Company address of "Archiline Log Houses":

220049 Republic of Belarus, Minsk, st. Nekrasov 114, office 49


+375 17 287 80 20

+375 29 620 05 67

+375 29 806 05 67

Glulam house "Laila"

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