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Bungalow made from glued laminated timber 127 m²

Bungalow made from glued laminated timber 127 m² Traditional european bungalow project made of profiled dry timber or qlued laminated timber. Termin "bungalow" is of Indian origin. This type of a wood house is very popular around the world. The choise of the wall material and its dimensions should be based on the climate characteristics of this or that region. For example, beam of 22 cm width allows you to save a comfortable temperature and significantly save on heating.

In warm and hot climate, we'll have reverse situation - a house can significantly reduce the cost of air conditioning. And the volume of the construction wall kit will be less because the width of the wall of 10 or max 14 cm will be enough. The house plan also includes a terrace area of ​​49 square meters. The project includesa garage for one car.

The describtion:Bungalow wooden home
The number of rooms3
Total area127,39 sq.m.
The number of floors1
Walls kit71,70 cubic meters
Walling, other variants are acceptableGlued laminated timber 220x180 mm, humidity 12-15%
Price for this wooden house *Please contact our country dealer to find out the price of this wooden house in your region
* Prices depend on selected construction materials: rounded log, profiled timber or glued laminated timber, and their dimensions

3D house model - new page will be a flash file, press left button of the mouse to turn the model

Floor plan of the bungalow

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