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Gain Fresh Air at Home

Gain Fresh Air at Home Living in a healthy house is more than merely a short term choice for the homeowner. Fresh either indoor or outdoor of the house influences on health of people, who live in the house. People could feel better and healthier choosing house building material wisely.

Healthy house is a term, which depends on material of the building or the house. The material affects the human body whether they pay attention on it or not. People who live in a healthy house have a meaning of less sick days and less visit to the doctor.

House which made of dominant or totally solid wood is called safe house, namely for the content of the material. The usage of solid wood as the material of house creates less indoor air pollutant. It is rather different from engineered wood like particleboard, plywood or MDF which has formaldehyde inside. If there is pollutant, wood will rid these things away.

Indoor air pollution is one of the most serious problems for people these days. Building the house from wood, natural healthy living condition is added. It does also provide cooler air to breathe in winter and fresh air in summer as the benefit to radiant heating as opposed to forced air heat.

People are aware of many benefits of wood as beautiful furniture and flooring. They can understand the advantage of wood as house material now. It is durable, strong and health material to make a comfortable and attractive house to live.

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