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Wooden house plans: Polish wooden house "Agnieszka" 157 m²

Wooden house plans: Polish wooden house  Agnieszka  157 m²
The presented wooden house has a full range of qualities that allow you to create a comfortable and cozy accommodation.

First of all, it has a large area: total - 157 m², living space - 73.37 m².
Secondly, planning of rooms allows you to "travel" around the house, you can get quickly wherever you want.
And of course, it is a wooden house, so it is always easy to breathe, and the rooms maintain the optimum microclimate for life.
It is easy to maintain the temperature level in a wooden house, as it walls keep warmth in winter and freshness in summer. Due to the organic structure wood functions as a natural air cleaner and wooden houses don't need artificial air conditioning.

Three bedrooms, living room, kitchen with dining room, two bathrooms and a boiler room are located here. Also, there are a terrace and a balcony, which greatly expands the functionality of this wooden house.

The house was built from glued laminated timber, with cross-section 200x150 mm.
It’s enough to live in it all year round. Despite the fact that this house was designed as a country house, it can also be constructed within the city.
The roof area is 186 m². As a roofing material we’ve chosen natural ceramic tile "Roben".

The house will stand for many decades. It’s due to wood processing technologies of glulam, wood impregnation and special paints, which will save the house from decay.

The description: Polish wooden house "Agnieszka"
The number of rooms 4
Living area 73,37 sq.m.
Total area 157 sq.m.
Roof area 186 sq.m.
First floor area 80,39 sq.m.
Second floor area 76,36 sq.m..
Wall kit 68,6 cubic meters
Wall kit material,
other variants are acceptable
Profiled timber 200х150 of a natural humidity
Price for this wooden house * Please contact our country dealer to find out the price of this wooden house in your region
* Prices depend on selected construction materials: rounded log, profiled timber or glued laminated timber
3D house model - new page will be a flash file, press left button of the mouse to turn the model

Polish wooden house "Agnieszka"

First floor plan
Polish wooden house "Agnieszka"

Second floor plan
Polish wooden house "Agnieszka"

Polish wooden house "Agnieszka"

Polish wooden house "Agnieszka"

Polish wooden house "Agnieszka"

Polish wooden house "Agnieszka"

Photos of the interiors of wooden houses can be found here.


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