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Production of wooden houses

Wooden houses production technology Wooden houses production technology Production of wooden houses must comply with the approved technology for the production of prefabricated wooden structures to achieve the best results. Stage, known as "the production of wooden log houses," or houses made of wood, lasts only two or three weeks,... more
Double glued laminated timber Double glued laminated timber Glued laminated timber is well known in many countries due to its strength, aesthetic and insulating properties. Production technology of double glued laminated timber inclueds vertical and horizontal gluing of the boards. Laminated log consist of four layers that... more
Profiled timber as a building material Profiled timber as a building material Modern construction is based on the experience of past generations. Taking current trends into account, technologies have been enhanced, adapted to the requirements of the present day. There are a lot of changes in wooden construction market as well. In... more
Profiled dry timber Wooden house made from profiled dry timber is a symbol of elitism and good taste at all times. For the production of dry profiled timber we use pine. After processing the timber through the process of drying in a vacuum infrared drying chamber, which is located in our production. Thus, after drying... more
Building from wood : wooden rounded logs Building from wood : wooden rounded logs Recently, rounded logs appeared in the market of wooden construction. Rounded log is product made from conventional log, but subjected to a special treatment by the milling machine. As a result we get a log that throughout the length has the same diameter.... more
Rounded dry log The humidity of a rounded dry log is 9-12%. Cracks are formed directly by drying in a vacuum infrared camera and do not increase subsequintly. We use new generation vacuum infrared camera for wood drying. The technology of infrared vacuum dryers is positioned as environmentally friendly, running on... more
Double wall Double wall The double wall of dry shaped timber or laminated veneer lumber with a heater provides comfortable heat-insulating characteristics, at a temperature of -40 ° C to +40 ° C. Double wooden wall consists of two sets of parallel bars section of 70h140mm to 100h150mm between which the heater... more
Norwegian cabin
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... more
Wooden roof tile Shingle Wooden roof Aspen shingles due to their properties are naive to mildew, moss, do not afraid of moisture, or any precipitation. Proposed structure of the shingle creates a blown through horizontal surface. The aspens color is very beautiful and constantly changes, depending on atmospheric... more
Wooden windows In the basic design of the wooden window the timber with 68 * 78mm, 78 * 78mm section is used, as it is the most suitable to middle and easten europe climatic conditions. The construction of wooden and wood-aluminum profile have a number of advantages: - High quality of the outer surfaces with... more
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