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Architectural and construction company "ArchiLine Log Houses" specializes in design, production and construction of wooden houses, hotels, restaurants and saunas from rounded log, squared profiled timber and glued laminated timber.
ArchiLine Ltd. has been successfully working in wooden construction market since 2004. Specialists of the С ompany have produced and built hundreds of wooden houses in different countries - Belarus, Russia, Poland, the Netherlands, Georgia, Spain, France, UAE, Lebanon. more

House of Your Dream – Subconscious Mind Knows All About It Don`t use Google to find a house of your dream or you will just bury your desires and visions under tons of articles and photos from search results. Just use your mind and your subconscious to create, define, and visualize an ideal house. Make ... more

Promotion: wooden house of logs or timber with an additional discount! In connection with the increase in the production capacity of the Archiline LTD company - signing a contract for the production of houses from logs or timber natural humidity until the end of autumn (November 30, 2017) only, our customers receive ... more

How to sell wooden goods to France?We are glad to present you the new internet ads platform www.maisonboisnature.com aimed to promote various producers and exporters of different WOOD products to French language speaking countries: France, Belgium, Luxemburg and Switzerland. The same ... more

Logs of large diameter in buildingThe log house building becomes more and more popular nowadays. The main fact for this is that typical house projects and basic building materials make all the houses stereotyped. There are a few companies, which may offer individual design for their ... more

Cedar from the Altai region - wood main physical properties For thousands of years the cedar considers to be a unique heat isolating material. More over perfect structure and wood pattern win without a rival other woods. Without any problems the cedar survive in nasty weather; the house, made from cedar ... more

Altai Larch wood main physical propertiesThe Altai larch relates to the kind of conifer, the family Pinancea. The larch has soft needles, which shanks off every autumn, as well as leafs. The name of tree is explained by this fact. The trunks, as a rule, are smooth with little quantity of ... more

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Wooden sauna design 32 m² Wooden Banya designed from rounded logs is the Best thing for pleasure rest and treatment. Banya The number of rooms 3: living room, shower, sauna + terrace Total area 32 sq.m. Wall kit 18 cubic meters Wall kit material, other variants are ... more

Modern timber sauna "Vilma" 55 m2 Modern timber banya "Vilma" 55 m2 Sauna is a truly popular invention. By the end of twentieth century, it has absorbed all the best qualities, and now Russian banyas are built with the use of newest construction technologies. If you need a rest for ... more

Wooden sauna 69 m² Sauna The number of rooms 3: living room, shower, sauna + terrace Total area 69 sq.m. Wall kit 28 cubic meters Roof area 123 sq.m. Wall kit material, other variants are acceptable Rounded log D240 humidity 12-15% Price for this sauna * Please ... more

Wooden sauna design 103 m² There is an example of nice, spacious sauna . In such a sauna there is enough space for all the memebers of a big family and for all guests. More over the swimming pool won't leave anybody indifferent. Sauna The number of rooms 2 rooms, swimming ... more

Modern wooden sauna "Hugo" 55 m2 Ancient Slavs associated with banya the most important events in their life: the day of birth, marriage, recovery from serious illnesses. Bath has long been a national Russian tradition. It gives not only a sense of purity and freshness, but also ... more

Wooden sauna "Tauno" Wood sauna "Tauno" It's no secret that modern people tends to make their life comfortable and enjoyable. Russian banya is a great place to relax mentally and physically. If you go to banya once, you can temporarily forget about everyday worries, ... more

Wooden sauna "Lotta" 63 m² Wood sauna is famous since ancient times all around the world. Usually, going to the banya was considered not only as an opportunity to clean the body. The bath believed to be a sacred place because people saw a combination of all Elemental Forces ... more

Wooden russian sauna "Katusha" 36 m² The bath was appreciated not only because it gave an opportunity to purify the body from the mud. It is worth recalling pagan beliefs of our ancestors: they worshiped fire due to its purifying and destructive power, and water, because they ... more

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