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Architectural and construction company "ArchiLine Log Houses" specializes in design, production and construction of wooden houses, hotels, restaurants and saunas from rounded log, squared profiled timber and glued laminated timber.
ArchiLine Ltd. has been successfully working in wooden construction market since 2004. Specialists of the С ompany have produced and built hundreds of wooden houses in different countries - Belarus, Russia, Poland, the Netherlands, Georgia, Spain, France, UAE, Lebanon. more

House of Your Dream – Subconscious Mind Knows All About It
Don`t use Google to find a house of your dream or you will just bury your desires and visions under tons of articles and photos from search results. Just use your mind and your subconscious to create, define, and visualize an ideal house. Make ... more

Promotion: wooden house of logs or timber with an additional discount!
In connection with the increase in the production capacity of the Archiline LTD company - signing a contract for the production of houses from logs or timber natural humidity until the end of autumn (November 30, 2017) only, our customers receive ... more

How to sell wooden goods to France?
We are glad to present you the new internet ads platform www.maisonboisnature.com aimed to promote various producers and exporters of different WOOD products to French language speaking countries: France, Belgium, Luxemburg and Switzerland. The same ... more

Logs of large diameter in building
The log house building becomes more and more popular nowadays. The main fact for this is that typical house projects and basic building materials make all the houses stereotyped. There are a few companies, which may offer individual design for their ... more

Cedar from the Altai region - wood main physical properties
For thousands of years the cedar considers to be a unique heat isolating material. More over perfect structure and wood pattern win without a rival other woods. Without any problems the cedar survive in nasty weather; the house, made from cedar ... more

Altai Larch wood main physical properties
The Altai larch relates to the kind of conifer, the family Pinancea. The larch has soft needles, which shanks off every autumn, as well as leafs. The name of tree is explained by this fact. The trunks, as a rule, are smooth with little quantity of ... more

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Modular home "Till" 84 m2 Glued Laminated timber
Most people around the world live in small flats that are similar to each other, but if there is an opportunity to live in a house – of course we will choose it instead of flat. Flats lack the space for expression of our ideas and creative thoughts; ... more

Canadian wood home construction ( construction company Archiline Log Houses)
Moscow, Russia

Canadian Building wooden houses manual felling construction company Archiline Log Houses - Moscow, Russia Wooden House manual felling of Canadian red cedar was assembled one of our installation teams in the autumn of 2012 in Russia. The technology ... more

Wooden houses constructions from winter timber
Wooden houses constructions from winter timber Timber choosing is among the most important decisions made during wood house construction. Wood house builders know the main features of the wood converted during different periods of the year. It goes ... more

Modern trends in wooden housing development
Glulam beams

Modern trends in wooden housing development "Design your own house" – this dream comes to people’s mind very often. Starting from large modern house plans to small house plans– this is a popular tendency nowadays. Many people change their city life ... more

Floor heating system for a wooden house
Floor heating system for a wooden house With the growing trend to change a living in a flat in the city, where the state of the ecology leaves much to be desired, into a private house in the countryside, a big amount of people these days start ... more

Wooden houses with swimming pools - your personal heaven!
Water is the source of life on earth, and that’s why all people can’t live a day without it. People have always strived to live close to water, building cities and towns. Not always having the opportunity to do it, artificial ponds appeared in ... more

Different myths about construction of wooden houses
There are some myths about wooden houses that tend to be a common misconception. And in this article we will try to understand the reason of people’s distrust expose the most widespread legends about buildings made of wood. Myth №1: Wooden houses ... more

Wooden house plans: 436 m²
Hello!! ... more

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