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Architectural and construction company "ArchiLine Log Houses" specializes in design, production and construction of wooden houses, hotels, restaurants and saunas from rounded log, squared profiled timber and glued laminated timber.
ArchiLine Ltd. has been successfully working in wooden construction market since 2004. Specialists of the С ompany have produced and built hundreds of wooden houses in different countries - Belarus, Russia, Poland, the Netherlands, Georgia, Spain, France, UAE, Lebanon. more

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Hi, my name is Dmitry. I represent company Archiline . We are dealing with construction of wooden houses. I'm in charge of selling of our houses to the far abroad, so contact me please at any ... more

Wooden Houses Export from Belarus ACC Archiline Ltd. produce and delivers wooden home construction, bathhouses and pergolas to the countries of EU, Asia, Africa, South and North America and Australia. Interest in wooden houses construction from Belarus is clear to understand - ... more

House of Your Dream – Subconscious Mind Knows All About It Don`t use Google to find a house of your dream or you will just bury your desires and visions under tons of articles and photos from search results. Just use your mind and your subconscious to create, define, and visualize an ideal house. Make ... more

Promotion: wooden house of logs or timber with an additional discount! In connection with the increase in the production capacity of the Archiline LTD company - signing a contract for the production of houses from logs or timber natural humidity until the end of autumn (November 30, 2017) only, our customers receive ... more

How to sell wooden goods to France?We are glad to present you the new internet ads platform www.maisonboisnature.com aimed to promote various producers and exporters of different WOOD products to French language speaking countries: France, Belgium, Luxemburg and Switzerland. The same ... more

Logs of large diameter in buildingThe log house building becomes more and more popular nowadays. The main fact for this is that typical house projects and basic building materials make all the houses stereotyped. There are a few companies, which may offer individual design for their ... more

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Wooden House "Puerto-Rico"
glued timber
The construction of any house begins with an idea and a desire. The company ArchiLine Log Houses is ready to design a house of any complexity, according to all the wishes of the client. At the design stage, all the features of the wooden house ... more

Log cabin kits : Dutch log house "Van Dijk" (house kit with wooden windows, ceramic tiles, concrete strip foundation)
total area 52 m²
Nowadays the interest to log cabins is rapidly increasing. In conditions of ecological disbalance more and more people are looking for comfortable, natural and eco-friendly house. That is why our company offers a small, but really comfortable log ... more

Hello our partner! Привет наш партнёр! Если ты читаешь это письмо, значит ты человек интересной судьбы, покинув место в котором родился ради лучшей, интересной жизни. Для нас оседлых жителей ты Колумб, Миклухо-Маклай и Кортес одновременно. Мы тобой гордимся и ценим. ... more

Сertificate of constancy of performance "ArchiLine Log Houses" We are proud to tell that on 15 July 2015 Architectural and construction company ArchiLine Ltd. became the first company among the countries of CIS to receive European Technical Assessment ETA 14/0367 and EOTA Certificate of constancy of performance ... more

Glued laminated timber, Glulam Glued laminated timber has a considered birthplace in Finland. They began to produce glued beams for about thirty years ago. The advantages of Glued laminated timber are in the technology of its production. Compared with other materials laminated ... more

Wooden homes construction in Poland
Wooden house assembly in Poland All preliminary works are done. The area for country real estate biulding and design are chosen, wooden house project is worked out, components of timber are ready for assembling. The building process starts. Wooden ... more

Wooden house "Dionis" ( elegant design of a house for esthetes from glulam)
total area 202 m2
This comfortable house will satisfy all your needs. Good variant for a family of 2-5 members. "Dionis" has a large dining room and hall on the first floor, compared with a living room as well as living room and bedrooms on the second floor. Also, in ... more

Wooden chalet-style home "Annabelle"
total area 141 m²
A chalet, also called Swiss chalet is a house made of wood, with a heavy, gently sloping roof and wide, well-supported eaves set at right angles to the front of the house. Over the years, the term 'chalet' changed to be applied generally to vacation ... more

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