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Architectural and construction company "ArchiLine Log Houses" specializes in design, production and construction of wooden houses, hotels, restaurants and saunas from rounded log, squared profiled timber and glued laminated timber.
ArchiLine Ltd. has been successfully working in wooden construction market since 2004. Specialists of the С ompany have produced and built hundreds of wooden houses in different countries - Belarus, Russia, Poland, the Netherlands, Georgia, Spain, France, UAE, Lebanon. more

Wooden houses for export to Europe and other countries of the world
Wooden houses for export to Europe and other countries of the world ACC Archiline Ltd. produce and delivers wooden house kits, wooden saunas, summerhouses and pergolas to the countries of EU, Asia, Africa, America and Australia. Keen interest in ... more

Wooden houses with swimming pools - your personal heaven!
Water is the source of life on earth, and that’s why all people can’t live a day without it. People have always strived to live close to water, building cities and towns. Not always having the opportunity to do it, artificial ponds appeared in ... more

Wooden house «Till» from glued laminated timber, ready for assembling
37.600 EURO

... more

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Log cabin kits : small dutch log house "Van Dijk 2" (house kit with wooden windows and doors, fast assembling)
total area 52 m²

Wooden houses in the chalet style are the embodiment of peace, security, and ecological compatibility. In our noisy and impetuous life these concepts have already moved into the category of "luxury". That’s why our company Archiline Log Houses has ... more

Log home plan : Modern wooden home "Aulis" 227 m²
This house is made of logs - dried, round, high quality. If you want to change the material of walls, this project can be executed from dried profiled timber or glued laminated. Actually no matter which wall material will be selected, the main thing ... more

Log home plans: construction of a wooden home "Oster" in Oisterwijk, south of Netherlands
Log home plan of the house "Oster" If you have a country house, you’re an owner of all year round resort. It is difficult not to agree with it. And if you want to have an opportunity to go to a quiet place to have rest and relax at any season of the ... more

Log home plans: Wooden home "Armas" (round logs, technical drying)
total area 243 m²

Log home "Armas" could easily become a home for a secret agent who needs to have hidden rooms. These rooms-easy are easy to create on the ground floor of our house. The house of Archiline Log Houses is built from round logs (you can choose other ... more

Wooden Houses TOP Designs: modern timber home from glulam : house "Kalneliai" (dried timber)
total area 199 square meters

Modern timber home from glulam : project of a wooden house "Kalneliai" - total area 199 square meters The house presented is an ideal option for aesthetes. Its architectural design and colors match the needs of the present day. But this house is ... more

Wooden Houses TOP Designs: Scandinavian wooden home "Diana" (walls - dried profiled timber, nordic design, wooden windows and doors)
total area 138 m²

Nordic people are considered to be experts in wooden construction. The accumulated experience of centuries is embodied in modern wooden designs of houses: they are always warm and beautiful. This is the house we suggest you to build, using Archiline ... more

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