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Wooden homes photo gallery

Here You can find pics of our wooden log houses. To more information about the wooden house models click the pictures or follow the links:

"Annabelle" 141 m²

"Olavi" 221 m²

"Aulis" 227 m²

Hotel Complex "Snowy Georgia"

"Andrew" 214 m²

Squared profiled timber house 152 m²

The log cabin built from glued
laminated timber 84 m2

Commodious log house 194 m²

Wooden house 202 m²

Wooden residence house 215 m²

Wooden house 130 m²

Squared timber house 177 m²

Wooden house 562 m²

Wooden hotel in the UAE

Wood home from dry profiled timber 254m2

Wooden house 434 m²

Modern hi-tech style
wooden house 217 m²

Wooden house 120 m²

Wooden house PAGANINI 209 m²

Wooden house 200 m²

Wooden house 199 m²

Wooden house 175 m²

Lod profiled timber cottage 48 m²

Scandinavian style wooden house 138 m²

Wooden house 212 m²

Wooden house 243 m² with winter garden

Wooden house with the second floor made of glued laminated timber 290m2

Clear spacious timber house Da Vinci style 405 m²

Duplex wooden house for two families 507 m²

Dynamic log house 327 m²

Finnish log house 101 m²

Wooden house 73 m² "Wild West Train"

Log russian house 172 m²

Wooden squared timber house 179 m²

Log country house 173 m²

Russian log house 220 m²

Small log house 61 m² "Wild West"

Wooden chalet 52 m² "Wild Russia"

Wooden polish house 172 m²

Wooden house from glued laminated timber 156 m2

One-storeyed summer house 115 m²

Solid timber log home 144 m²

Spacious wooden house with six bedrooms 242 m²

Bungalow made from glued laminated timber 127 m²

One-storey wooden house in French style 130 m²

Contemporary timber house 180 m²

Squared timber polish house 157 m²

Big lodge house 159 m²

Traditional european log house 166m²

Cozy log house 125 m²

Log house 107 m²

Wooden house with attic 268 m²

Commodious wooden hotel 315 m²

Contemporary Polish log house 287 m²

Great country house 440 м²

Italian summer house 309m²

Alpen Chalet 279 m²

Wooden house with music studio 364 m²

Office wooden building 348 m2

Wooden house 436 m²

Индивидуальный проект деревянного дома, сруба

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